Introducing Willow + Mae Customs!


Do you love the idea of having a Willow + Mae silicone teething necklace, but haven’t found the color or style that you want? Look no further! Custom designs are now available!

Choose your favorite bead colors and shapes, necklace or bracelet length, cord and clasp colors – all to your custom specifications. Want a bracelet to match your necklace? No problem! Need something for a child who has extra sensory needs? We have you covered!

Please browse our current available bead types and colors in our gallery below. Click on the photos to see the names of the beads and their colors. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please message me and I’ll be happy to special order something for you!

Ready to create your custom Willow + Mae silicone design? Fill out the form below to get started!

If you have any questions, please contact and we can work together to achieve the perfect look for you!

All custom creations will be assembled and a preview picture will be emailed to you for approval before payment is made. Once approved, I will send out a PayPal invoice and ship as soon as the transaction is complete!

Helpful Tips:

  • Beads can be placed all around the entire length of cord. However, please note that if you have long hair, the silicone beads are known to grab and pull.
  • Use a piece of string or your favorite necklace to determine the best length for you. Some prefer a shorter length when they are wearing baby to keep it from getting stuck between mama and baby. Others like a longer length so there is more for baby to play with.
  • I do not normally knot between the beads, but I am happy to if you ask! My kiddos prefer to slide the beads in their fingers and enjoy being able to chomp on just one bead at a time if they choose.
  • Get an extra donut or two to change up your look without the cost of a new necklace!