What’s the big deal about safety?

What’s the big deal about safety?

Willow + Mae silicone teething necklaces are designed to be worn by caregivers who are holding, wearing, or feeding babies. They keep busy hands occupied, help calm distracted babies and soothe little ones with sore gums. We also have several clients who have older kids with high oral needs that use our products.

So why all the fuss about safety? Because every mama wants to know that they are minimizing unnecessary risks to their precious little one! I’d love to talk a little about some comments and explanations about necklace safety.

All necklaces should be safety knotted between each bead.

Knotting between beads is something that makers of pearl necklaces do so that if the necklace breaks, the expensive pearls do not end up lost everywhere. It also protects the pearls from the damage caused by them rubbing on one another. The silicone beads cannot be hurt by rubbing each other and the cord used to string them is MUCH stronger than that of a pearl necklace. In fact, my husband routinely pulls on them and we’ve never had one broken. Also, even one bead (the number lost if a necklace breaks that is safety knotted) can still pose a hazard if it’s swallowed by a little one. So while knotting can prevent a necklace from falling apart, it does not necessarily make a necklace safer. This is why adult supervision is always required.

All silicone teething necklace brands are the same.

There are many manufacturers of silicone beads. Many of them are inspected and tested, but there are some that are not approved by the US standards. All Willow + Mae necklaces have been CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Commission) tested and certified compliant for ASTM F963-11 mechanical and physical safety! Please don’t purchase similar products that do not adhere to these safety regulations.

These small beads are a choking hazard!

Yes, they are! Anything that is small enough to fit in your little one’s mouth can be a choking hazard. As I mentioned earlier, though, I have yet to have a necklace break. Willow + Mae necklaces are designed with our unique logo clasp that is designed to pull apart when too much strain is placed on the necklace. If baby yanks hard or your necklace gets caught on something, the breakaway clasp will undo, preserving your neck and your necklace!

What if it breaks?!

That’s why you should never leave baby unsupervised with a necklace. As you may have found out with your little one, they always master new tricks when you aren’t looking so if you can’t be watching them, please keep the necklace on you.

The beads slide everywhere and baby only puts one bead in his mouth. Isn’t this risky?

IMG_2069We intentionally leave our beads completely unknotted so the beads can slide freely. Our youngest daughter loved being able to get just one bead and put it back where her molars were coming in to get some good chomping relief. She’s a pretty rough chewer and has never damaged any of the beads. Feel free to knot on either side of the beads to keep them all from moving if you prefer! As always, please inspect your necklace regularly for any signs of wear. We’ll be happy to replace your necklace free of charge if you notice beads that are damaged.

As moms or caregivers for little ones, it’s our job to protect them the best way we can. I want all of my customers to know that I would never intentionally sell a product that I thought could be dangerous in any way.

Many of you know this story, but my youngest daughter had a skull fracture and suffered from a traumatic brain injury this past summer due to an accident just a couple months after launching Willow + Mae. During her recovery time in the hospital and rehab, my necklaces were her comfort. She was unable to see for the first 7 weeks or so, but every time she was in my arms, her little fingers found that necklace and held it and chewed on it constantly. She got 10 new teeth during the course of a few months and I’m so thankful I had these necklaces to help her cope!

I’m always available to talk, so feel free to send a message to alanna@willowandmae.com if you have any questions or concerns about your necklace! We want you to love our necklaces as much as we do!

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